5 Weirdest Design Trends

Home decor can be luxurious, cozy, and eye-catching. But, many people like to incorporate the unusual and, sometimes, the humorous when it comes to decorating a home. While perhaps the entire design might not be unusual or totally dedicated to the humorous side of home decor, there are little pieces that can be added to a design to give a home a unique, fanciful, interesting and, sometimes, a downright laughable look. The fact is, design trends don’t always have to be so serious.

Candy Holder


Keeping bite-size candies such as fun size candy bars, gumballs, or jellybeans in a jar around the house is not only decorative, but it’s useful if a person is looking to enjoy a little snack. Standard candy holders can be quite utilitarian or decorative. However, a truly utilitarian approach is to put things like jellybeans in a zip lock bag. This utilitarian move inspired novelty glass makers to create a glass jar in the shape of an opened and partially full zip-lock bag. It’s an interesting, fun, and alternative way to display candy inside of the home.


Refrigerator Magnets


Refrigerator magnets are utilitarian, but they don’t always have to be boring. Surprisingly, there is quite a market for unique refrigerator magnets. That’s what makes magnetic replicas of old vinyl LPs so interesting. Whether is a replica of a Beatles LP or something from the Steve Miller Band, these magnets are utilitarian while being decorative and fun to use.


Funny Cookie Jar


Antidepressants can be very helpful to people suffering from mild to severe cases of depression. However, some people’s antidepressants come in the shape of a cookie. With this in mind, the Prozac cookie jar was created. This stark white and black striped cookie jar with Prozac printed in an old-fashioned typesetting makes for an interesting and a fun way to store cookies on a kitchen counter. Not only is it practical, it’s something that house guests may get quite a chuckle out.


The Steampunk Light Switch


Steampunk is a popular genre of science fiction. It incorporates technology but does so with all the styling of steam-powered machinery of the 19th century. That’s what makes the Weird Science switch plate so interesting. Rather than simply flipping a light switch on and off like most people do, this switch plate uses a large wooden and brass handle to turn the light switch on and off. A large handle extends from the top of the plate, and when a person pushes the handle to the left, the light switches on. By pulling the handle to the right, the light switches off. This plate is also outfitted with decorative steam punk inspired on and off indicators, as well as excessive wooden and brass levers on a patina gray switch plate panel for optimal effect.


Keyboard Inspired Coffee Mugs


These coffee mugs are perfect for the office, as they mimic the look of the control, alt, and delete buttons on the average keyboard. Lined up just as a person would see them on the computer, these coffee mugs can add a bit of whimsy, a bit of fun, and can be an interesting addition to a workplace.

The fact is that design doesn’t have to be stuffy, and it doesn’t have to be overly delicate or luxurious. Sometimes, design trends can add a bit of fun and whimsy to get people talking and make them laugh.

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