How to Nourish Your Relationship With Your Neighbors

Though getting to know the neighbors is not as easy as it was fifty years ago, it is still possible for people to create lasting relationships with those who live around them. When people move into a new home or neighborhood, reaching out to others and getting to know them can be a little intimidating. Thankfully, there are some tips that can help people nourish the relationships with their neighbors so they can benefit from these bonds.

Seven Easy Tips for Forming Relationships With People in a New Neighborhood

Never discount the power of a smile. Smiling at others shows them a person is friendly and open to conversation. A person who is new to the neighborhood should smile warmly when they see others out in their yards or pass them on the street. This breaks the ice and may encourage them to say hello.


Though it can be a little intimidating, there is nothing wrong with going up to people and introducing yourself. Knocking on doors and saying hello is the perfect way for a person to let others in the neighborhood know they are friendly and open to communication. Most people gladly receive this initiative because it takes the pressure off of them having to introduce themselves first.

Walking around the neighborhood with pets or children is an easy way to strike up conversations. As one passes by others, they should smile and say hello. If a conversation is started, anyone who is warm, inviting, and sincere will find an attentive audience.

walking a dog

While, in the past, people would introduce themselves with a baked good, this rarely happens today. New people in a neighborhood should consider breaking the ice by making a cake or a batch of cookies and taking them to the homes in the immediate area. This allows people to know a person is friendly, and it can start a friendship.

A casual block party or housewarming event are the perfect ways for people to get to know those in their neighborhood. It is important to keep such an event as casual and friendly as possible so people feel comfortable accepting the invitation.

neighborhood party

Neighborhoods with community watch groups or other organizations offer an opportunity for new people to grow acquainted with those living in their immediate area. Attending these meetings can allow people to get to know others so relationships can be started.

Those who are more on the shy side should consider making themselves available so they are faced with more chances to have those around them say hello. Sitting on the porch, doing yard work, and spending time outside can be beneficial in this approach.

Moving into a new neighborhood does not have to be a lonely experience once one realizes they have the ability to easily strike up conversations and get to know others. With a friendly and honest approach, people can get to know others in their new neighborhood so they can create lasting friendships that make life more interesting as they grow accustomed to their new environment.

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